Demo Accounts

To obtain demo account, please follow these easy steps below:

1. Download MetaTrader4 Client application


Click the picture to download MT4 Client for PC

2. Install the application

 – Double click to begin installation.


 – Follow the installation steps shown on screen.



3. Create your demo account

 – Open the program then click File --> Open an Account.


 – Fill your personal data and mark "I agree to subscribe to your newsletter"



 –Click the "Scan" button to verify server connection, then click "Next"



 – Obtain your Login Demo account, as shown in the picture below.





Risk Disclaimer: Futures trading may not suitable for all investors. This investment can generate huge profits as well as huge losses. You may lose all the funds you have invested in your account. Make sure you fully understand the risks and regulations that have been set before creating an account. The information in this website does not guarantee success (profit / gain) in your transactions. PT. Century Investment Futures is not responsible for the failure (loss / damage) that occurred in transactions as a result of using this website as a reference.

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